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Claudette Bouchard is a Life Energy Coach & End of Life Doula/Coach. She has been a pioneer in the profession of energy awareness, energy management and energy healing for over two decades. Claudette is a master of energy and a gifted, compassionate End of Life Doula. Her work has a profound impact on those she helps to overcome challenging and difficult times.



As a Life Energy Coach

Claudette has spent 30 years listening to clients and guiding them to a healthier more empowered life. She teaches them to be more personally aware and engaged with their energy through the chakras, aura field, hara line and basic skills in grounding.

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As an End of Life Doula

Claudette brings conscious awareness to the natural journey of death and dying.  She is a non-medical professional who gives emotional and spiritual support to the dying person and attends to the needs of the grieving family. 

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