The Crown Chakra

The crown is where our personal energy field becomes one with the universe, where we experience the oneness of all.  Whatever we understood intellectually and then intuitively now becomes complete comprehension.  With the six lower chakras we are able to control and influence whereas when the 7th chakra is open, we let things happen through us.  We’re in the flow, so to speak

Your Energy Tip of the Month: Ever try to think things through looking for an answer but intellectually you weren’t getting it?  But if you let your thoughts go for a couple of hours or overnight, the answer seems to show up effortlessly the next day?  That’s not unusual.  But it does show how often you do rely on your crown chakra for answers, without even knowing you’re doing it.  Imagine the calm you would derive if you were to consciously decide to just let go more often and let the answers to simply come to you.

Week 2: Breath

Assume the posture mentioned last week. Begin by counting to four as you breath in, hold (4), exhale (4), hold (4).  And repeat this process at least 5 times, morning and night.  It can be invigorating or calming depending on your state of mind.