Tapping into Wisdom

Wisdom – that silent witness waiting to be of service but usually ignored. Ego overrides the impulse to sit quietly and allow for a deeper source of information to show itself. The mind is impatient and wants to react to a situation immediately instead of taking the time it needs to respond with dignity.

Your Energy Tip of the Week:
Tap into wisdom by taking time. Pause before saying something hurtful. Pause before putting someone down out of impatience. Pause before opening your mouth in reaction to any situation. By pausing you allow your mind to rest and move to a higher vibration in response to what is going on.

Wisdom is innate and I sometimes forget this. Because I forget, my ego reacts now to get some satisfaction or some justification. After all I’m ‘entitled’ to better treatment. When I forget to tap into the innate wisdom and instead I react, I make myself very small and I feel bad. What about you, how often do you tap into your wisdom?