Silence is when the noise in the mind stops. The mind thinks that the most important thing in life is to solve problems. It can even keep you awake at night to do just that. Who is the boss anyway, you or your mind? We are not 24-hour machines to answer to our minds.

The mind has its place but it doesn’t have to crowd you. If you were to take time out and say, “Mind, I need to sleep” or “I need some down time with no interruptions,” how could you support yourself in getting this?

It’s easy when you make a habit of doing the following:

Quietly, breathe in and out slowly, and as you do, only focus on the breath feeding your body. Your whole consciousness is on the breath. Your mind is following the breath and you begin to feel your body relax as it takes in the very much needed breath. Begin to ‘hear’ the silence as you feel the stillness.

This simple exercise is guaranted to cause the calm needed to sleep.

I use this exercise a lot when feeling stressed or scared or don’t know the answers. This luscious feeling of stillness has become more enticing a result to aim for than a sleepless night. And my day becomes so much brighter.

Share how you how you quieten your mind.