Claudette Bouchard offers both Life Energy work and End of Life services for both the living and dying.

EnergymasteryLife Energy services include:


Claudette works with a variety of modalities to bring awareness and health to body, mind, heart and spirit integration. It is important to her that you work with the modality that is most suitable to you. To live the fullest life you possibly can. Claudette uses her Intuition and healing expertise to guide you to the modality that best suits your needs for effective results.


To grow and move forward it’s important to be aware of what’s blocking the flow of energy.  Claudette provides easy tools and techniques that once learned, can be used over and over again for life.





Coaching on Personal Energy Awareness

There is nothing more valuable than to be aware of one’s own energy and to know how to work with it.  For example, if you feel anxious, or fearful this shows up in all of your energy field and affects your wellbeing and your life.  Claudette teaches you to claim your energy and live a powerful, joyful and fulfilling life. 

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endoflifedoulaEnd of Life Services include:

Best Three Months End of Life Care Coaching and Planning:

Over a Three Month Period, Client and family receive:

  • Ten 1.5 hour meetings (approximately 3 meetings per month) in the Five Domains Life Coaching and Care Planning Sessions.
  • The End of Life Doula supports the family and patient to identify, document, and implement Life Fulfillment Care Wishes in spiritual, emotional, physical, life-review and practical after death care priorities.
  • Vigil Attendance:Includes: 24/7 bedside attendance during last days of life in full support and fulfillment of Patient’s End of Life Vigil wishes and family care needs.  Plus post death care, preparation of the body




Other End of Life Doula Services:

Additional support as needed/requested by client for services includes but is not limited to: comfort touch, aromatherapy, healing practices, family and client support.

  • End of Life Doulas honour and help carry out the beliefs, cultures, practices and values of all involved.
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