We often forget the importance of respect. Respect for ourselves and towards others.

Look at the world news for example. Does Donald Trump exude respect for his fellow man or woman? It goes back to treating others as you would want to be treated.

Your Energy Tip for Today:
I recommend that next time you’re hard on yourself or others, stop and look at how you’re disrespecting yourself. Working without a pause, tired but not going to bed, full yet taking just one, two more bites, impatient but not being pro active, hurting but not listening. Or taking others for granted, feeling entitled, being short tempered without considering what comes out of your mouth, just to mention a few. Remember, how would you like to be treated?

At times it takes everything for me to remember that the world doesn’t just revolve around me. That’s when I’m in the thick of it and can’t pull myself out of feeling ‘entitled’. Who do I think I am anyway?! When do you notice most you’re being disrespectful of yourself or others?

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