End Of Life Doula



Having to deal with a loved one dying can be very overwhelming and draining emotionally, mentally and physically.  This is where, Claudette, End of Life Doula can lend a helping hand to family members.  She provides emotional and spiritual support to the dying person and the family while creating a safe environment to grieve and share.

Claudette is a qualified “End of Life” Doula.  She is a member of the Sacred Passage Doulas of BC affiliated with the Conscious Dying Institute in Colorado.









When you work with Claudette you can expect:

  • Focus on the spiritual aspects of dying as the soul moves out of the body and beyond
  • Support for the release of the soul by exploring visualization techniques, meditation, essential oils and other comforts used in different cultures
  • Assists people to experience the dying of a loved one in a safe environment
  • Provides support for the family and friends who are not able to be present
  • Participates in the vigil or wake and other ways of ‘being present’ with the dying person (through music, singing, prayers as appropriate)
  • Guides patients and families through this uncharted territory ensuring they receive focused love and quality time with their family

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