Concentration #1

Ever notice that when you’re in a hurry the job gets half done or badly done? Not so when you intensify your concentration. You actually save time.

How can we cultivate concentration? Develop your capacity for attention and focus.

Concentrate your attention and your energy, think only of what you are doing and not of anything else. Make the exact movement in the most exact way and you will be able to do in fifteen minutes what you were formerly doing in half an hour. See if you don’t do the task well and at times even better without forgetting anything.

Oh I fall prey to doing something in a hurry and then find I’ve forgotten something. It happens too often. After today I will work on this form of meditation – concentrate on what I’m doing. It also reminds me of ‘living in the moment’ and making this moment count.

Share what suffers in your life when you don’t concentrate.