Chakra Awareness: Sacral Chakra

Chakra Awareness: Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure centre and it’s located in the pelvic area.  This chakra is the centre that holds all of your feelings, emotions, pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. It’s also where your ‘inner’ child’s stuck and blocked feelings are stored.
Hence, it is one of the most blocked chakras for most people and it needs prompting to feel comfortable with intimacy such as a hug, a kiss or any form of closeness. The energy needs to be activated and flowing.
We all have an ‘inner’ child. As an adult it’s important to acknowledge and identify these blocked feelings before spontaneously acting like an angry child and lash out. Notice which feelings get triggered most often and the patterns around them.  Be it anger, disappointment or sadness, whatever the negative feeling, ask yourself “What can I do to address this feeling in an adult way?” That is a positive, constructive and healthy way

Your Energy Tips For the month of May:

 You can practice being aware of your sacral chakra located three fingers width below your navel, by breathing the colour orange in and out, back to front several times.  Imagine that you can feel the energy flowing in and out of that vital spot.  If you feel some heat, you’ll know you’ve opened the chakra and created energy flow.

Concentration #1

Ever notice that when you’re in a hurry the job gets half done or badly done? Not so when you intensify your concentration. You actually save time.

How can we cultivate concentration? Develop your capacity for attention and focus.

Concentrate your attention and your energy, think only of what you are doing and not of anything else. Make the exact movement in the most exact way and you will be able to do in fifteen minutes what you were formerly doing in half an hour. See if you don’t do the task well and at times even better without forgetting anything.

Oh I fall prey to doing something in a hurry and then find I’ve forgotten something. It happens too often. After today I will work on this form of meditation – concentrate on what I’m doing. It also reminds me of ‘living in the moment’ and making this moment count.

Share what suffers in your life when you don’t concentrate.

Poor (poverty mentality)

Poor (Poverty mentality)
A poor person is one who has no generosity and is miserable and unhappy no matter how much material riches s/he might have or not have. They see things and the world only through themselves. They want to take, always take.

The opposite of poor is generosity. Generosity is to find one’s own satisfaction in the satisfaction of others. Giving of one’s self without a return. This requires practice when you’re not use to it and an open heart. Well worth it to feel abundant and happy.

I feel the lack and I feel poor when I start to feel sorry for myself for any number of reasons. I realize that I’m closing in on myself resulting in too much me time. Then I have to consciously make an effort to step out of my self-indulgence to recognise the true worth and superiority of others. It works every time.

Share how poor and generosity play in your life.

Enthusiasm vs. Weariness

Have you got that ‘looking forward to …’ feeling or the opposite, ‘no, not another thing, thank you’ feeling?

Turning weariness into enthusiasm is easy if you’re consistent in wanting to make this shift.

Make space in your head when it comes to approach. Do this by taking a few minutes to focus on your breath. Breathe in deep and slowly at least 10 times.Then examine the attitude living in your heart. You’ll build your energy over time if you decide that if something is worth doing for fulfilling your obligations, it is best to take on the attitude of enthusiasm. It doesn’t take long to shift once you get the hang of it.

I like this exercise because I feel I don’t ever have to stay stuck in any feeling that doesn’t work for me at any time. Thanks to all the tools I’ve learned and keep learning over time.

Share how you shift weariness into enthusiasm.


Don’t you just hate those days when you absolutely have to, need to, get something done and you don’t have the heart for it. It gets pushed to the last minute and even beyond the due date. It becomes such a weight on your shoulders!

What you want to do is – lighten your load energetically – remembering that it’s just energy and not a big deal is key. Turn the ‘to do task’ into an energetic connection with self. Take away the emotions and mental negative connection attached to the task and then all that’s left is the action. Get it done!

Oh I do suffer from procrastination from time to time. It is such a horrible feeling, and that’s when I speak to someone for encouragement. I’m then reminded it’s only energy. Just get the job done. Honestly the flood gates open and there’s no stopping me.

Share how you deal with procrastination when it hits you.