Base Chakra

Base Chakra

rootThe base Charka is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for your sense of safety and security. We all have basic survival needs.  Whether it’s to be loved, to have a roof over our heads, having health, food, or even money to pay the bills, each one plays an important role in whether we have peace of mind or not.

When our personal safety is challenged we get scared.  We can no longer think straight nor act effectively.  All of our energy drains out of us and we feel paralyzed.

The base chakra is where you’ll feel whether or not you’re secure in any given relationship.  Look for that wonderful sense of feeling grounded and connected to the earth, your immediate surroundings and what’s going on in the present moment while interacting with another.

Your Energy Tip of the Month: Take an honest look at the need (or needs) that currently unnerves you and makes you feel uncomfortable, because that’s where you lose energy. Once you identify the need, take consistent little steps to make it better.  Each step will build your energy towards getting peace of mind.

Often when we are confused, over-stimulated, and don’t know where to turn… we start closing in on ourselves. We feel the earth is moving like quicksand and we’re drowning in it. We don’t

You can practice being aware of your base chakra by breathing the colour red in and out, up and down through your perineum located between your seat bones.  Imagine that you can feel the energy flowing in and out of that vital spot.  If you feel physical strength and ready to interact with others you’ll know you’ve opened the chakra and created energy flow.



Others seem to be aging around me and I find myself introspecting on whether I’m living to my full potential.

At 67 shouldn’t I be slowing down and living life at a slower pace? Have fewer expectations and simply go along quietly in my new blissful married life? People who know me would say ludicrous. “You have too much energy.”

And they’re right! I have a two hour stretching routine when I wake up, walk an hour several days a week, attend yoga class twice a week and keep stretching my body, mind and soul by trying new things like start up a Death Cafe in Vernon. Vitality breeds vitality….Life is good!

If you would care to, please share with me how you keep your vitality flowing and strengthening. You can email me at info (at) ClaudetteBouchard (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you!



It is so important to know when to let go, move with the energy and discover a new aspect of self in the process.

When we’re able to hear, read the signs or intuit the moment is now, our life becomes enriched with well being. Synchronicity appears and everything seems to magically fall into place, like finding that new job, opportunities come your way that you’ve been waiting for, the unknown hits you when you lease expect it and the one finds you. This is not fairytale, this is life in the making.

“Life flows where your energy goes.”

Concentration #4

There are so many ways to learn how to concentrate and I will share three with you. Which one suits you best?

a. The power of concentration above the head, the crown area, is to bring peace, silence, liberation from the body sense and the identification with the mind.

b. The power of concentration in the forehead is to liberate the inner mind and vision and the inner consciousness, its experiences and powers.

c. The power of concentration in the heart-centre: open that centre and by the power of aspiration, love and surrender, remove the veil which covers and conceals your soul.

Your Energy Tip for the Week:
To improve your power of concentration, a) sit quietly and place your focus on one of the attributes listed above; b) be mindful of the space above your head, or in the centre of your forehead or your heart. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your power of concentration grows over time, even if your practice is just for 10 minutes. Choose time and place and be consistent everyday.

I have been meditating for years and I’m still amazed at how important it is to keep it up. It’s a practice I cherish because when I look back on my life, it’s the power of concentration that got me through difficult times.

Share what you do to strengthen your power of concentration.

Concentration #3

Have you noticed when under pressure or filled with unsurity you might find yourself going from one activity to another, from one agitation to another, you can’t concentrate or relax completely?

Your Energy Tip for the Week:
To master your power of concentration the first condition is to make your mind absolutely still. Think of nothing else, only concentrate, concentrate, concentrate on the point you want to make, the work you have to do, or the action you have to perform.

The only way I can achieve concentration is if I compartmentalize what needs to be done and attack it with gusto or grace depending on my mood. This provides me with the focus and determination I need to stay in the zone to get the intended result.

Share how you strengthen your ability to concentrate.