Chakra Awareness Heart Chakra

The heart Chakra, is in the 4th chakra where the inside and outside meet, where heaven and earth commune and create relationship. Where duality or opposing force is no longer a fight but a harmonious merging of two forces, allowing each to be enhanced by the other creating new patterns.  The uplifting state of love binds them and keeps the balance between the two opposing forces allowing us to live in harmony.

The heart chakra is the center of love, where the cosmic and the earth energies combine.   This love is different than the love we experience in the second chakra, sexual love, which is object-oriented, filled with passion and often-unmet desires.  At the heart, the fourth chakra, the love is not object dependent. Rather the love we feel is felt toward everything we encounter, because it is felt within as a state of being.  At the heart, our love is no longer one of need or desire.  Having transcended these desires, we feel a deep peace and harmony radiating from within us.

Your Energy Tip For August: 

Breathe deeply.  Through yoga or other physical activities be aware of your breath and increase it, deepen it.  Some believe that breath is a gateway between the mind and body. Calm both down while focusing on your breath.

Try this:

The complete breath:

This is as simple as it sounds.  Sit down in any comfortable position and watch the path of your breath, making it as deep and full as possible.  Breathe deep into your belly, then into your chest and finally into your shoulders and throat.  Exhale, reversing the order and repeat several times.